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A series of events for European and Finnish companies entering the South and Southeast Asian markets.

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GOInternational Finland helps companies penetrate international markets fast and efficiently.


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SLUSH Arctic Stopover

29 Nov – 4 Dec 2016

A 6-day business package
like no other


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Europe’s biggest startup event

GOInternational Finland provides tailored services for companies looking for a fast track to internationalization. We also work to introduce foreign companies into the Finnish market. Our team will:

  • Focus in your unique case and particular needs and goals.
  • Find reliable contacts and arrange contact with the right local clients, distributors and partners.
  • Connect you with funding and VC’s.
  • Provide you with a database of potential clients to contact.
  • Matchmake your company with companies that are already in our program.

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What we do

GOInternational Finland will help you make the leap to untapped markets.

We are a Helsinki based matchmaking and business development service provider for value-driven companies that want to go global. Our objective is to improve your potential for expansion and growth.

We have rolled up our sleeves to solve the lack of business networks for services or products with global appeal. You have tried a few of the existing systems but found them to be quite bureaucratic. You are searching for a fast track solution.

Your business needs to remain competitive. You know that to grow beyond small home markets, your company must expand internationally. You could find your way around these barriers, but are stuck due to business culture and  language differences in potential new markets.

In these tough economic times, growth will not come from doing more of the same. Look no further. In as little as four weeks, GOInternational Finland will help you make the leap to untapped markets.

Our team

We are a team of local people with Global support. Our core team consists of experienced country specialists with deep expertise and local knowledge of markets worldwide.

Mohammad Shabbir

Founder, CEO                           +358505553485

Raghunath Koduvayur

Co-Founder, Operations, Asia                                            +358504876509

Niyas K Saleem

Country Specialist, India      +358442371585

Melbin Thomas

Country Specialist, India      +358458638664

Lamine Benaissa

Account Manager,           Middle East                              +358449748942

Lisamaria Markula

Country Specialist, Pakistan                           +358504917929

Aime Virkkila-Accorsi

Country Coordinator, South America                    +358443222201

Zuzana Sedlacekova

Executive Assistant                +358465756429

Mikola Stewart

Project Manager           +358451657858

Hector Montes

Digital Production             +358465913292

JR Estallo

Project Coordinator,          ASEAN countries            +358417036868

Faisal Shahzad

Country Specialist, Asia      +358440778692

Jovin Hurry

Country Specialist, Singapore                      +358465904944

Saiful Islam

Web developer          +358452306042

Md Abdullah-Al Mamun

Web developer

Evita Haapavaara

Country Specialist, Asia       +358405164146

Mohan Mickey Giri

Country Specialist, Asia         +358440802030

Anna Lekanova

Co-Founder, Delivery Manager, Russia                     +358406750220

Jarmo Kinnula

Co-Founder, Service Provider                                  +358405493219

Vanitsri Tirkkonen

Operations, Asia                   +358445446681

Antonio Leong

Project Coordinator,           Japan-Asia Pacific                 +358404623980

Jacek Walczak

Digital Production,      Project Manager                +358504967591


GOInternational Finland organizes monthly events for companies in Finland looking for a fast-track to internationalization.

Do you like what you see?

Our services are tailor-made for value-driven companies that want to go global.

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GOInternational Finland is located at Kaisaniemenkatu 13 A, 2nd floor, in Helsinki city center.

It can be easily reached by metro (University of Helsinki stop, old Kaisaniemi stop), tram (3, 6, 9), train and buses. For more route information, please visit Journey Planner.

GOInternational Finland
Kaisaniemenkatu 13 A
Second Floor
00100 Helsinki, Finland.

Opening Hours: Weekdays 09:00 – 17:00

☎ +358 50 567 5475
✉ hello (at) gointernational.fi